Yogesh is an established business professional with an extensive background in consulting, market research, data analytics, and business leadership. Throughout his career, he has leveraged his skillset in advanced research methodologies and project management to provide business professionals with trend-setting insights.

As a CEO, Yogesh has helped iResearch grow into a marketing-first agency helping Fortune 500 brands to build digital-trust with their modern consumer through thought leadership. He provides guidance & strategic direction to all cross-functional teams at iResearch Services and is keenly involved in developing new initiatives that help in improving customer experience. He is committed to creating a sustainable future for iResearch by staying on cutting-edge of emerging tech.

He initiated Giving for Good Foundation, a charity supporting disadvantaged children for education & sports, and having a sustainable environmental mission. He actively steers several campaigns through this award-winning social venture which has underpinned & enriched lives of more than 10,000 children since 2019.

Yogesh is an active investor, a tech optimist, mentor to young entrepreneurs and a future enthusiast – always looking for more comfortable, better and more efficient ways to solve problems. He holds an MBA, and also undergone leadership training at London Business school and actively shares his insights on Forbes, Linkedin and Medium. Before working with iResearch, Yogesh worked in senior leadership roles into sales and marketing with technology firms and banks.