Serge is a global B2B marketing executive and thought leadership expert with deep experience in consulting, technology, market research and retail companies like Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Forrester, Ryder, Nike and HP. His role often involves acting as a thought leadership evangelist. This means engaging and educating stakeholders about the value and profitability of thought leadership marketing – beyond driving awareness. His pragmatic approach to building thought leadership programs is collaborative and inclusionary, involving all stakeholders and sponsors across the organization and partner ecosystems.

At TCS, Serge established the firm’s flagship management journal Perspectives in 2009. He has been the editor-in-chief ever since. Since 2011 he has led more than a dozen major global research studies on digital business issues. And, in 2017, he launched TCS’ Thought Leadership Institute. Their focus has been on conducting primary research on the biggest challenges for the C suite, as well as key technologies and innovations in today’s complex digital ecosystems (e.g., TCS Cloud Study 2023, TCS Risk & Cybersecurity Study 2022, TCS 2021 Global Leadership Study, TCS 2021 Global Financial Study, TCS 2020 CIO Study, TCS 2019 CMO Study).