Robert stands at the forefront of marketing innovation, with over 15 years of experience in melding the art and science of marketing to empower business narratives. As a revered Fractional Marketing Leader and strategic advisor, he has significantly influenced the trajectories of over 500 companies, including collaborations with 15 Fortune 100 giants. His expertise shines in navigating the complexities of modern marketing and digital media, particularly within technology and digital media sectors. Notably, Robert’s strategic guidance has propelled The Content Marketing Institute to become the leading global authority on content marketing education since its launch in 2010.

Beyond his operational mastery, Robert is an esteemed author of four best-selling books on marketing and content strategy, and a pivotal educator whose courses have enlightened thousands. His Content Marketing Strategy course is the American Marketing Association’s certification course, epitomizing his influence on the marketing discipline. As the co-host of “This Old Marketing” podcast, Robert’s insights reach a global audience, further cementing his role as a visionary marketer dedicated to guiding business leaders toward achieving their visions of success.