As EY’s Global Content Strategist, Elisabeth establishes the firm’s editorial direction for thought leadership, collaborating closely with senior stakeholders to articulate pertinent themes and strategies. The primary focus lies in crafting pioneering content that aids clients and influencers in addressing formidable global challenges through inventive digital formats and research methods.

Elisabeth’s role draws from her extensive editorial background, encompassing hands-on journalism positions at the Financial Times and Thomson Reuters. More recently, she contributed to content strategy at Headword Consulting, collaborating with major consultancies, Big Four firms, and think tanks.

Her career bridges the media transition from print to digital, where she actively engaged in content digitization projects. In addition to her strategic role, Elisabeth actively engages with the public through speaking engagements, commentary, moderation, broadcasting, blogging, and social media, particularly on topics like entrepreneurship, leadership, diversity, and business.

In 2005, Elisabeth played a pivotal role in launching the FT’s Women at the Top project (2005-2011), shedding light on the benefits of diversity while celebrating outstanding female leadership. Her daily blog featured interviews with prominent women leaders, including figures such as Indra Nooyi (then of Pepsico), Irene Rosenfeld (then of Kraft), Angela Ahrendts (now at Apple), Ursula Burns, and many others.

Throughout her career, Elisabeth has led diverse global teams that bring together complementary skill sets, approaches, and experiences.